Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives

Thank you for helping us to improve our museum!


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be sent directly to the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives at the address shown above.

Non-monetary Gifts

The Museum accepts donations of artifacts pertaining to the history of Excelsior Springs.

If you have items that you would like to donate to the Museum, please call (816) 630-0101, email, or

view the Donation Form (.jpg) (.pdf) form


The museum is always adding to its digital archives. Please submit your photographs or scanned images to the museum via email or call the museum to have the photograph scanned at the museum.

High School Year Books

We would like to add to our collection of Excelsior Springs High School year books. See our list of year books. Please call or email the museum if you have one you would like to donate.

Temporary Loans & Special Exhibits

The museum accepts materials on temporary loan for items used in exhibits such as the Founders' Series Exhibit.

Any organization, club, or other group wanting to display their items at the museum, please call and make a reservation for a locked case. A special exhibit will be set up and your artifacts will be displayed separately from the museum's materials.

Volunteer Your Time

Our floor space has doubled and this is wonderful! Now we need to double the number of volunteers who are willing to greet visitors, operate the video equipment, and sell items in the gift shop. If the visitor asks questions, office staff will help them with the answers.

Too shy to greet strangers? People are needed to care for the artifacts to see that they are properly acquistitioned, used, or stored.

People are needed to create displays. Some displays need to be planned a year or more in advance. There are artifacts that are not yet on display. Much work remains to be done.